January 20, 2018

Garret Epps, The Ghost of Chae Chan Ping, The Atlantic

discussing Michael Kagan, Is the Chinese Exclusion Act Still Good Law? (The President Is Trying to Find Out), 1 Nev. L.J. Forum 80 (2017).

December 20, 2017

Mistrial Declared in Bundy Armed Standoff Case, N.Y. Times

discussing Ian Bartrum, Searching for Cliven Bundy: The Constitution and Public Lands, 2 Nev. L.J. Forum 67 (2018).

November 23, 2017

Duncan Kennedy on Trump's Big Win, Law and Liberty

discussing Duncan Kennedy, A Left of Liberal Interpretation of Trump's "Big" Win, Part One: Neoliberalism, 1 Nev. L.J. Forum 98 (2017). 

October 3, 2017

Nevada Supreme Court Holding Cannabis Distribution Hearing at UNLV, Campus News

discussing NLJ Staff, The Elephant in Nevada's Hotel Rooms: Social Consumption of Recreational Marijuana, A Survey of Law, Issues, and Solutions, 2 Nev. L.J. Forum 99 (2018).

September 14, 2017

Expert Wants Institutions to Track Racial Data in Title IX Proceeds, Diverse

discussing Ben Trachtenberg, How University Title IX Enforcement and Other Discipline Processes (Probably) Discriminate Against Minority Students, 18 Nev. L.J. 107 (forthcoming).

December 15, 2015

U.s. Police Forces Receive New Federal Guidance on Gender Bias in Sexual Assault Cases, CityLab

discussing Jeffrey J. Pokorak, Rape as a Badge of Slavery: The Legal History of, And Remedies for, Prosecutorial Race-of-Victim Charging Disparities, 7 Nev. L.J. 1  (2006).